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About Me

Reiki is a healing art that uses universal life energy to relax, reduce stress, and revitalize and enhance a person’s own natural healing abilities. I am a Washington State Certified Reiki Master and graduate of The Reiki Training Program. I am also a sound healer using antique bronze Himalayan singing bowls. A healer’s practice is composed of many elements. I have been fascinated for many years with how sound energy may be used to create a positive environment and am delighted to add sound healing as a complementary practice, either in a Reiki session or a sound bath. For those who have attended one of my sound baths and are interested in acquiring your own antique signing bowl, please contact me. I occasionally offer bowls from my own collection for sale. I have personally experienced the transformative benefits of Reiki and feel called to share the gift. The warmth and calming energy of Reiki is for everyone. 

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